My name is Emily and I am an artist and a scientist.

I grew up in Seattle, Washington where I fell in love with plants and mountain peaks. My early days were spent cooking, playing in the dirt and making art, so not much has really changed since!

Today I continue to do those things but in Denver, Colorado. I adore eating and cooking with anything fresh and colorful, practicing yoga, backpacking, and filling up my travel sketchbook as I go. Being in the outdoors recharges and inspires me, and it's typically where I take my photos that I use as references for my art. Therefore you’ll see that my work is heavily influenced by my background in ecology, love of food, and travel adventures.

The main mediums that I use are pen and watercolor or a combination of both.

I have worked with yoga studios (Revolver Yoga, Inversion Yoga), farms (Chester Hill Farm), clothing companies (Rinord and Truckette Hat Co.), trail running companies (Run Wenatchee), and publications (Woolful Calendar and Making Magazine).

I have created wedding invites, tattoo designs, product labels, logos, illustrations for books, textile patterns, and more.

If you think you’d like to work with me or if any of that sparked your interest and you just want to chat, I’d love to hear from you!


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